GHPA -- Geauga Horse and Pony Association
About Us
Geauga Horse & Pony Association
convenes a meeting of the general
membership on the first Wednesday
of each month at 7:30 PM in the new
building at the southeast end of the
Great Geauga County Fairgrounds.
Mission Statement
The Geauga Horse & Pony Association will
encourage high standards of a
well-balanced program, consisting of horse
shows and education activities.

To provide information to carry out these
aims, promote the proper and humane
treatment of horses, and provide criteria
and standards for horse shows consistent
with the above purpose. .
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Geauga Horse and Pony Association
P.O. Box 655
Newbury, OH  44065

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GHPA thanks Big Dee's Tack for their
generous support of our organization
through their Bonus Buck's program.  
Likewise, thank you to
for their generous support.
We really appreciate all that both of
these fine companies provide to us.
Website Visitors in 2018
2018 Show Dates
May 27, June 10, June 24, July 8, July 22, and August 5th
GHPA/RB Arena Horse & Rider Challenge points

Here are point standings from the first 2 events, 2 more events will be held this fall-
dates TBA-stay tuned-check later this Summer.

Open Division
Linda Bradshaw-18
Hilda Cook -14
Sharon Stockwell-9
TJ Pumphrey-9
Donna Boggs-8
Diana Shale-8
Jamie Davis-7
Kendall Smith-7
Elise Kilmer-6
Jill Romask-3
Judi Smego-1

Limited Division
Maclayne “Steve”Warner-10
John Resek-8
Caroline Sabo-8
Jason Heilman-6
Maebree Fabian-6
Lydia Fabian-4
Michelle Kosir-4
Heather McIntire-4
Toni Heilman-1
Youth Division
Maclayne”Steve” Warner-9
Caroline Sabo-9
Elise Kilmer-6
Michelle Kosir-6
Maebree Fabian-5
Lydia Fabian-4.5
Diana Shale-3.5
2018 Horse Project Naming Form
Form must be completed by June 15th

Click Here for Form
It's time for our youth members to start planning for THE GREAT
 For eligible youth members  who intend to stable
with GHPA at this memorable fair, here is a list of some VERY IMPORTANT
DATES to keep in mind:

(1)  Youth must be a GHPA member by
June 1st, (i.e. membership application
and payment must be received by GHPA membership chair, Nancy Burroughs
by June 1st)

(2)  The Project Naming form must be completed and received by GHPA
membership chair,  Nancy Burroughs, by
June 15th (her address is:  7496
Chagrin Rd. Chagrin Falls, OH  44023)

(3) Jr. Fair Form packet (to be e-mailed shortly) must be completed and
received by Nancy by
July 15th

(4) GHPA work hours necessary for stabling at fair must be completed by
August 1st

(5) GHPA's mandatory fair meeting for youth and parent/guardian is
August 1st

(6) GHPA's pre-fair cleanup and barn prep day is August 25th (details to

(7) Youth stabling with GHPA must attend the Junior Fair safety class meeting
on the first day of fair,
Thursday, August 30th at 8 a.m.
Come one, come all!!!
We're painting the stall sides of the GHPA barn at the fairgrounds this Saturday morning
(June 16th), between 9 and noon! (The tall gable sides will be re-sided later.)   Bring paint
brushes, rollers,  roller trays and anything else that might be useful, and join Sherwin
Williams (Jerry Davis), Benjamin Moore (Jim Shale), Mrs. Glidden (Shauna Gingerich), Mr.
Behr (Scott Burroughs), Mrs. Olympic (Nancy Burroughs), Ms. Valspar (Catie Sonnie),  
Mrs. Crylon  (Carmella Shale) and the whole DuPont family (Kathy Blair, Elaine & Wallie
Sonnie, Jamie Davis &  Niki Barry) and the rest of your GHPA friends at this memorable
event.  Many brushes will make light work and what a FUN way to earn  WORK HOURS!  
See you then!